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Apple – Cucumber Raita (Crispy Apples and fresh Cucumbers in great tasting Yogurt)

Apple – Cucumber Raita (Crispy Apples and fresh Cucumbers in great tasting Yogurt)

Raita occupies an important place in any Indian meal.Yogurt is associated with good digestion and so Raita was invented with the intention of having a natural digestive along with the main course which may/may not be spicy and oily and provide a great and fresh taste to the mouth as well!So the recipe of Raita is as easy as can be – take fresh yogurt,add seasonings of choice and either serve plain or with the addition of fruits,vegetables or deep fried items like Boondi or Sev.

This recipe is great for Rice items – Pulao,Biryani,Tehri and all the North Indian rice recipes.In addition to this it tastes great with roti – subzi combos as well!


Preparation Time : 30 minutes

Makes : Approximately 4 – 5 servings


400 gms fresh and thick Yogurt

1 medium Apple (Red Delicious/Fuji)

2 medium fresh Cucumbers

2 tbsp Coriander Leaves – chopped Finely

2 tbsp Mint Leaves – chopped Finely

1 Green Chilli – finely minced

2 tbsp powdered sugar

2 tsp Cardamom Powder (Elaichi)

1 tsp Black Salt (Kala Namak)/ordinary salt

1 tsp pepper powder (Kalimirch)

1/4 cup water


Take 1 tbsp Coriander Leaves,1 tbsp Mint leaves and the Green Chilli and grind to a coarse paste.Add the water to the Yogurt and whisk till combined.Add the prepared paste and the cardamom powder,salt and sugar and whisk again till nicely mixed.Refrigerate.

Peel the Apple and Cucumbers and chop into small cubes or any shape you like.Add into the refrigerated Yogurt and mix well.Sprinkle the remaining Coriander and Mint Leaves on top and refrigerate till serving time!

Serve cold for the best taste!


Note – This can also be had as a healthy snack by itself!Tastes too yummy!

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