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Chironji(Chiroli) stuffed Gulab Jamun

Chironji(Chiroli) stuffed Gulab Jamun

I had posted Pistachio stuffed Gulab Jamun a few months back which was a hit with everyone.Here I have tried incorporating Chiroli Nuts(see Wiki – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buchanania_lanzan) into the Gulab Jamun with spectacular results.The nuts merge with the syrup which seeps into the Jamuns making them even more luscious and delectable.

Ideally I would recommend bringing the Khoya/Mawa and Paneer to room temperature if they are refrigerated as they tend to disintegrate if fried cold.So here is to Festivity!Cheers!

Preparation Time – 30-45 minutes

Makes – 12-14 Gulab Jamuns



3/4 cup Khoya/Mawa

1/2 cup Paneer

3 1/2 cups Maida(all purpose flour

3 1/2 cups Cornflour

1/2 cup Chironji/Chiroli nuts

Oil for frying


2 1/2 cups sugar

Water as required

3-4 Saffron strands


Start by mixing everything for the Jamuns in a mixing bowl.Mash the Paneer and Khoya with your hands and incorporate the flour and cornflour to bind into a soft but a little firm dough.


Divide the dough into portions.If you make small balls,you should get 14 and 12 for slightly bigger ones.Roll into lemon shaped smooth balls.Flatten each ball and place some nuts in the middle.Roll back into balls again and keep aside.


Stuffing the balls with Chironji/Chiroli..


Rolling into Balls again..

Add water to the sugar a little above the sugar level and make a slightly thick syrup.Add saffron and keep warm.

Heat oil and deep fry the Jamuns till golden brown.Cool for a while and put them into the syrup.Keep a wide mouthed vessel to keep the Gulab Jamuns.


The Fried Balls..

Fry all the Jamuns this way and immerse in the syrup.In course of time they would absorb the syrup and sink into the vessel.They are then ready to be consumed.Serve warm.


Soaking the Balls..


The Gulab Jamuns..

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