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Chocolate Fantasy Health Logs

Chocolate Fantasy Health Logs

This is a chocolate recipe.For this you need cooking chocolate – Dark,Milk or White.Cooking chocolate normally comes under the names of Morde,Sathe and specialized names in various specialty shops.If you do not get cooking chocolate,you can go with Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.Tastes yum as well.I have used Milk Chocolate which I love most for this recipe.


Cooking Milk Chocolate

Preparation Time – 15-20 minutes

Makes – 2–22 logs of size 3 inches approximately


300 gms cooking Milk Chocolate

150 gms Muesli

25 gms Raisins

25 gms Almonds – chopped


Tempering the chocolate:

Place a saucepan filled half with water on heat and place a clean steel or thick glass bowl on top.


Chop the chocolate into shards and add to the bowl.The chocolate will melt slowly.


Making the logs:

When the chocolate has completely melted and falls in a thick and steady stream,add the Muesli,raisins and Almonds.Mix very well and pour into a greased tray.



Mixing the Muesli and nuts into the chocolate

Refrigerate for approximately 25 minutes till set.


Slice into logs and serve with fruit flavored tea or decaf coffee.


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