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Cucumber Pachadi(Accompaniment with rice and curry)

Cucumber Pachadi(Accompaniment with rice and curry)

Pachadi is an accompaniment served with any rice and curry.Pachadi(pronounced pacha-dee) can be made with mainly Cucumbers,Bottle Gourd,Carrot,Okra,Onions or Tomatoes.Here I have used Cucumber and paired it with Molagootal(recipe link here:http://thefoodsamaritan.com/molagootalsouth-indian-vegetable-curry/).


Preparation Time – 15 minutes

Makes – 4 servings


2 fresh and firm Cucumbers – grated

1/2 cup Yogurt

Salt to taste

1 tbsp refined oil

1 tsp Mustard Seeds(rai)

1 dried red chili

1/4 cup grated coconut – fresh/desiccated coconut moistened with warm water

1 green chili


In a blender finely blend together the coconut and the green chili.Add the salt to the cucumber along with the Coconut paste,Add yogurt and mix very well.

For the tempering heat the oil and add the Mustard Seeds and dried red chili.Pour over the Pachadi and mix well.Serve.


Pachadi served with Molagootal and rice.

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