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Gond ke Laddu(Health balls made from edible gum)

Gond ke Laddu(Health balls made from edible gum)

Gond is the Indian term for edible gum which is extracted from tree barks.It is sold as crystals which are used especially in Rajasthan to make lovely and healthy laddus(sweet balls).These laddus are not only melt in the mouth but are very beneficial for sports people,lactating mothers,pregnant ladies and growing children.People who want to put on fat can also eat a couple of these laddus everyday whereas people who want to watch their weight can restrict to one.These laddus are so delicious though that nobody stops only at one.

Made in pure ghee or Clarified Butter with whole wheat flour and bursting with dry fruits and nuts,these balls promise energy and health.Dry Coconut is also added.However the freshness time of the Laddus decreases when adding Coconut as it becomes stale very soon and spoils the taste of the laddus.I wanted to send them to a friend in another city so did not add Coconut.Its a necessary fact to have some fat for health purposes and more so if the fat is laced with purity.I made these laddus during the festival of Navrathri and these are also eaten during winters to keep oneself warm.One laddu followed by a glass of hot milk will keep you warm for hours!Lets make these laddus now.

Preparation Time – 1 hour plus cooling time

Makes – 15-20 Laddus

Measure the ingredients accurately for perfect results!


All of the Ingredients..


150 gms Almonds(Badam)

100 gms edible Gum(Gond)

70 gms broken Cashewnuts(Kaju)

50 gms Raisins(kishmish)

25 gms Melon Seeds(Charmagaz)

50 gms dry Coconut(optional)

300 gms pure Ghee(Clarified Butter)

375 gms powdered sugar

250 gms whole wheat flour(atta)


In a nonstick pan or kadhai heat half of the ghee on medium heat.When its sufficiently hot,fry the Almonds individually.Then fry the cashewnuts,followed by the raisins.Keep aside on a plate to cool.


The Fried nuts

Now fry the edible gum(Gond) in 2 batches.This is because the Gond tends to swell and will not be properly fried.Fry the crystals till they turn a lovely golden brown.Take out on a plate and keep aside to cool.


The Gond – fried..

Now add the rest of the ghee in the pan and add the whole wheat flour.Keep stirring till there are no lumps in the flour.The mixture will be liquid but do not worry.Ensure that the heat is medium low as a high heat will burn the flour.

As the flour is cooking,crush the Almonds coarsely in a mixer.With the back of a heavy spoon or a tureen(katori),crush the gum till it is a coarse powder.


Crushing the gum(Gond) with the back of a katori


After crushing the gum(Gond)

Note : Do not powder the gum in a mixer or it will become a very sticky mass.It has to be crushed coarsely.

The flour should be golden by now and a lovely aroma should emanate.Now add the melon seeds.You will see them crackling as they are subjected to a lot of heat.Now add the crushed Almonds and Coconut(if using).Mix well and add the crushed gum and other dry fruits.Take of heat.

Lastly add the powdered sugar and mix very well.The mixture will thicken into a mass.Leave to come to room temperature.It would take approx 1-2 hours for the same.

After completely cooling roll into laddus and enjoy!Dont worry about the difficulty of rolling into laddus as the ghee will hold the mixture together and you will be able to roll very easily.


The mouthwatering Laddus..

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