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Homemade Potato chips/wafers/crisps

Homemade Potato chips/wafers/crisps

Who does not like Potato Chips?They are one of the fastest selling snacks available and everyone likes it either by themselves or as an accompaniment to main courses like rice(a never changing South Indian practice) to even Rotis and Paranthas!

Now imagine if we could make this at home!Lets imagine we prepare and dry thin slices of Potato,store it and just deep fry in hot oil when required.No need to go to the store and you actually fry it in the oil you want!Isn’t it easy?

My grandmother and me used to prepare this a decade ago when I still in College loved doing these tasty tidbits!Now in her Eternal absence I feel nostalgic and emotional and dedicate this recipe to her!Let me tell you that its easy to prepare as well!Lets go on to the recipe then!

Necessary equipments:

1.A Mandoline – This is an instrument specially designed to slice vegetables into paper thin discs.It has an adjustment screw which allows you to slice the needed vegetable/s into perfect and equal discs.Its recommended to invest in one as it would be easier for you to make snacks like Pakoras or slice veggies for salads.The Mandoline is got in various utensil shops or can even be ordered online for less than Rs 200!

2.A Potato Peeler – This accessory is available in all homes and is very important in preparing these chips as we do not want any black “eyes” of the potato remaining while we slice them.

3.A Strainer or Sieve – For straining the Potatoes after they have boiled.

4.Some steel plates or a big plastic sheet – For people having open area or large balconies,a plastic sheet will suit you fine.But for people having very less space,the chips can be dried on stainless steel or glass plates.Stainless steel is recommended.

NOTE – The preparation time of the chips depends on the amount of heat and type of summers you have in your area.

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Preparation Time – 2-3 days

Makes – 55-60 chips


5-6 big and firm Potatoes

Water as required

Oil for greasing the plates/plastic sheet

Oil to fry


Wash,peel and clean the Potatoes and slice them into neat paper-thin rounds with the Mandoline.

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Keep them immersed in water for 4-5 hours so that the starch starts coming out into the water.

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After 5 hours heat sufficient amount of water in a large stock pot or pan and bring to a vigorous rolling boil.Now lower the heat and gently slide in the Potato discs into the pan.Increase the heat again and let it come to a rolling boil once more.At this point take a disc from the hot water and test it.It should just START to go soft and not mash(too much cooked).Neither should it be too hard.This takes approximately 5-6 minutes on medium-high heat.

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Now drain the chips in a strainer placed in the kitchen sink.Open the tap to wash the slices with cool water and leave them to drain for 30 minutes.

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Grease the plates/plastic sheet with sufficient cooking oil and arrange the discs neatly without overlapping each other.Leave them in the hot sun for a day to dry one side.After bringing them in turn them upside down and leave them on the plate for the next day drying.

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Arranging the chips on greased plates..

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Drying them in the Sun

Next day dry them on the reverse side.Ensure that they are bone dry before you store them.

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The dry chips!

Make as much as you want following the similar procedure.

Whenever you want to eat them just deep fry in hot oil.Sprinkle salt and Red Chili Powder(optional) and serve hot with freshly made tea!

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Served hot with tea!

Your expert comments and views about this recipe?

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