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Jigarthanda/Jil Jil Jigarthanda – A Madurai Special Summer Cooler

Jigarthanda/Jil Jil Jigarthanda – A Madurai Special Summer Cooler

This is a summer special cooler prepared in the city of Madurai in the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu!The name is adapted from Hindi as Jigar means “heart” and Thanda means “cold”.So this is a cold relief to a much heated up heart??…no in essence it is a great cooler which relieves stress,heat and fatigue from the body.The drink has got natural coolers which do this.

So lets see what ingredients Jigarthanda has and how do they keep us cool!

1.Badam Pisin – This is a hard gum got from the bark of Almond Trees.However when soaked in water for 8 – 10 hours or overnight,they become a soft and non sticky jelly consistency which can be easily had with any drink or milk.The gum is a natural cooler and relieves a person of summer heat especially heat related fever,watery red eyes or simple body heat.They also relieve tummy issues and are natural ulcer cures.

The hard Badam Pisin

Method : For this recipe soak 1 tbsp hard Badam Pisin in 1 cup water overnight.In the Morning it would have turned into a non sticky translucent jelly.Refrigerate and use as required.

After soaking overnight

2.Nannari Syrup – Nannari is a herb,the official name for which is ‘Sarasaparilla’ which is known for its cooling properties and speciality to cure summer ailments!Just as we pour Chocolate,Maple,Caramel or Toffee sauces over our normal ice creams,I have poured this over this fusion ice cream and it tastes so good!You can get Nannari Syrup online from Amazon or eBay stores.Those in the South Indian regions will have it available at any supermarket or store and so can get it easily.Its an orangish,amber,wonderfully sweet,cooling and refreshing syrup which is used with water or soda to make a drink or used with milk based preparations as well.Used with plain ice cream,it was fabulous.

Nannari Syrup…

3.Homemade Ice Cream – I have posted the recipe of my eggless homemade fusion Ice Cream in a previous entry.It is delicious with a Vanilla flavour and homemade Khoya for thickening the consistency!Check out the link here!

Homemade Ice Cream..

4.Plain and thickened chilled milk – As instructed in the recipe!

Preparation Time :12 hours or overnight for soaking the Badam Pisin

Assembly Time : 5 minutes

Makes : 2 glasses/2 servings


4 tbsp prepared Badam Pisin – see above

4 tbsp Nannari Syrup

1/2 litre milk – reduced to half or 250 ml and 2 tbsp sugar added and chilled -Milk 1

1/2 litre milk – boiled and 2 tbsp sugar added and chilled – Milk 2

4 tbsp homemade Ice Cream


Put 2 tbsp Badam Pisin per glass.

Pour Milk 1 to fill 1/4 of the glass.

Over that pour Milk 2 to fill 3/4 of the glass.

Add 2 scoops of Ice Cream per glass.

Pour over 2 tbsp of the Nannari Syrup for each glass and serve immediately.

A lovely glass of Jil Jil Jigarthanda!

Pouring the Nannari Syrup over…

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    • Santhi – If you stay in South India,you can get Badam Pisin easily in Chemist and drug stores.If you live in any other parts of India you can source it online from eBay or Amazon!If you have a relative living in the South,you can ask them to buy and send it to you..:)..if you need more details,send me a message here with your email and I will send you the links to eBay and Amzon.

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