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Khichdi(Savory Rice and Mung Lentils)

Khichdi(Savory Rice and Mung Lentils)

“This dish has to be made when there are invalids at home or people sick – having flu and all that.”

So said our Grandmas and people who relished rich food and who could not care two hoots for nutrition.But the assurance is – this is the most delectable,nutritious,filling and one of the easiest one pot meal which ever existed.People desiring to lose weight please eat rice in moderation and eat Khichdi for it gives you all the nutrition you would want in your meals.Serving this with Boondi Raita**.You can substitute it with Tomato,Cucumber,Mixed Fruit or Vegetable Raita if needed.


Preparation Time – 30 minutes

Makes – 3-4 servings


1 cup rice(medium to long grained)

3/4 cup Mung Dal(Roasted till light pink)

Salt to taste

Water as Required

1 Onion – finely sliced

5-6 whole Peppercorns(optional)/2 tsp Pepper powder

1 tbsp Ghee(optional)

1/2 tbsp Refined Oil/If not using Ghee then use 1 1/2 tbsp Refined Oil)

1 tsp Asafoetida

2 Bay Leaves


Soak Rice and Mung Dal for 10-15 minutes.Drain and keep aside.

Heat Oil in a Pressure Cooker and add the Bay leaves and Peppercorns/Pepper Powder.Add the Asafoetida and stir till the aroma of the spices permeates the air.Add sliced onions and cook till they are translucent and start turning golden.


Now add the drained Rice.Stir fry for 3-4 minutes and add the Dal.Fry for a minute and add water – enough to cover 1/2 inch above the Rice and Dal.

Close Cooker,put the vent weight on and and steam for approx 4-5 whistles or 10 minutes.

Allow to cool and open.


Serve hot with dribbles of ghee on top(optional) or with lemon pickle or any Raita of your choice.

**Link for Boondi Raita – http://thefoodsamaritan.com/boondi-raitasoaked-gram-flour-pearls-in-seasoned-yogurt/


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