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Mindblower ( A refreshing summer mocktail)

Mindblower ( A refreshing summer mocktail)

This is a wonderful mix of fresh juice,an Indian based syrup and star of the summers – Lemons!Make the drink ahead and refrigerate then after chilling,pour over Ice and add the seasonings!Yumm!

Mindblower is a list of 3 basic ingredients :

1.Fresh Cucumber Juice

2.Kala Khatta Syrup ( a syrup made from the Indian Blackberry (Jamun) Juice flavoured with black salt very popular in India)

Kala Khatta Syrup….

3.Lemon Juice

4.You can also add 2 tbsp Lemon Squash to the drink if desired!

Preparation Time : 30 minutes

Makes : 5 servings


3 medium sized Cucumbers (Approx 3 cups juice will be extracted)

1 cup Kala Khatta Syrup

Juice of 1 Lemon

2 tbsp Lemon Squash (optional)

Ice cubes as required

2 – 3 Jamuns/black Grapes for garnish

For seasoning :

1/2 tsp Black Salt (Kala Name)

1/2 tsp dried mint powder (optional)


Juice the Cucumber :

Chop the Cucumbers roughly and put in a blender with 2 cups water.Blend and sieve through a tea strainer into a bowl.Add a cup of water to the leftover residue and blend again to make 3 cups of pure Cucumber Juice.

Freshly extracted natural Cucumber Juice..

You can refrigerate this juice and add salt to taste and drink as a natural detox drink.

Blend everything :

Rinse out the blender and pour the extracted juice into it.Add the Kala Khatta syrup and lemon juice and squash (if using) and blend again very well till all the liquids are mixed.Transfer to a glass bottle and chill till serving time.

Serve :

Take a serving glass and add ice cubes as required.Add the black salt and mint powder (if using) and pour on the Mindblower!Take a pretty umbrella stirrer and fix 2 – 3 Blackberries/Black Grapes and serve with a straw if needed.

Pouring the Mindblower…

Serving the Mindblower…

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