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Plattershare – Something beyond Social Media

Plattershare – Something beyond Social Media

In 2015 I got a message from a lady called Kirti Yadav from Bangalore who said she had started a recipe sharing platform called Plattershare and I should join it and contribute my recipes.I went through the site and found it to be new but could not help admiring the set up of the platform.

I registered with it and completely forgot about it till a message from Kirti, 2 months hence reminded me of the group again and that now she invited me to share my recipes.I posted one recipe and undertook a challenge for health foods after which I came to like the platform so much that I daily flipped through news,recipes and members.

I came to know of another founder Ankush Dhiman who was as dynamic as Kirti and just loved the passion both of them shared to uplift the platform and make it popular in India and abroad.Then the duo achieved a milestone – they created an attractive banner for the platform and it had its own App which I downloaded immediately.This was the first milestone they achieved and then they started their contests on various topics which were judged by top,eminent Chefs and so the legacy continues!

I am a food blogger at The Food Samaritan and thus blog about food,restaurant reviews and more.However there are people who might be better cooks,better experienced and more important more earnest than me to showcase their cooking skills and talents.Plattershare is a great platform for such women and even if they do not have a blog,they can submit their recipes and pictures which would finally be published under their name.I know of some bachelors who simply love cooking and who may cook better than an average Indian homemaker.I have instigated them to join this group as it would encourage more men to take up the knife and ladle thus relieving their better halves from extra strain.

I also admire the entrepreneurial skills of Kirti and Ankush that they took a great risk to start this endeavour,searched for sponsors for the various projects they came up with and most of all took care of all the details and issues faced by the platform.I remember when I was unable to post any recipe due to some technical glitches on my laptop,Ankush personally posted my recipe which was a great help to me.That is why I feel that this platform will go a long way into the minds and hearts of people,inculcating the love for food and established foodies as well where they could forage for recipes,food experiences and news thereby enhancing their ever growing knowledge about the culinary world.

I have also seen Kirti going personally to some member’s homes to record and photograph exotic cooking styles and know about recipes and their experiences.She went to Lucknow (my hometown) to talk to Mrs Geeta Biswas on how she cooked her exotic and authentic recipes.I was amazed at such commitment when Kirti took all the pains to go from Bangalore to Lucknow to videotape and take pictures.Anyhow this only increased my respect for this group.

Plattershare has these wonderful elements which I have always admired :

  • Sharing recipes is not limited to bloggers alone.
  • They have something called “Food Stories” which have amazing reads.My personal suggestion – please go through it once!
  • For bloggers,its a joy to see your recipe on the first page of Google thanks to Plattershare.Its really a boon for showcasing your recipes.

However I feel that in the recipe posting section there should be an option of Desserts under the heading “Good for”.Whenever we post Dessert recipes we need to include them under snacks which I feel does not fit the bill.Otherwise I do not see any other reason for improvement.

Lastly I would wish Plattershare all the best and wish that you scale new heights of success and get laurels for all your hard work and commitment!

As the saying goes :

“Cooking with love provides food for the soul!”

Ankush and Kirti – Keep it up and keep going!

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