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Nutritious Colored Rava Idlis

Nutritious Colored Rava Idlis

This recipe is adapted from Nita Mehta’s cooking classes which a friend of mine attended.She gave me this recipe and I made it.It was so delicious and so nutritive at the same time that I could not refrain from sharing it!The Idlis look so pretty and the taste so wonderful that it would be a shame not to try this even once.So here goes the recipe…to nutrition,taste and health..CHEERS!


Preparation time – 25 minutes
Makes – 12 -14 Idlis


1 full cup roasted semolina(sooji)
1 1/4 cup yogurt
Water as required
Salt to taste
2 tsp Eno Fruit Salt
1/4 cup spinach puree
1/4 cup fresh/packed tomato puree
Oil as required


Wash and roughly chop the spinach and put into a blender jar.

Add very little water and make a paste.


The Spinach Paste

Now take the semolina in a bowl.

Add the yogurt and whisk well.Now grate the ginger on top of the mixture and add salt to taste.Mix again very well.


Divide mixture into 2 portions in 2 bowls.
1st portion.
Add the spinach paste to this. Mix well to get a light green batter.
2nd portion:
Add the tomato puree to the other bowl.Mix well for everything to blend nicely.
Fill a steamer with 2 cups of water and place on medium heat.Oil a set of Idli moulds. Preferably use Sesame Oil.
Add 1 tsp Eno to the tomato puree bowl.Mix well.It will froth and turn aerated.Do the same with the spinach puree bowl as well.Now drop a ladleful of batter in the Idli plates.I prefer to drop alternating the spinach and tomato puree batters!Keep the stand in the steamer and close lid.
Steam for 10-15 minutes on medium heat.Cool for 2 minutes and open to release steam.
Freshly steamed colored Idlis…
Serve them with Sambar,Coconut Chutney or better still Molagapodi/Gun Powder.
Enjoy this unusually delicious Idli as a snack or a light dinner!


1.Fruit or vegetable purees can be used to create Idlis of variable colors – like beetroot,pineapple or mango.

2.Normal Idli batter can be used and the purees added to it.The one above is the more nutritious version!


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