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Paal Payasam/Kheer(Indian Rice Pudding)

Paal Payasam/Kheer(Indian Rice Pudding)

The happy event is to celebrate 200 likes for the website.I have not posted this beautiful-yet classy-yet simple-yet royal and yet delicious post as I was waiting for a celebration event.What could be more appetizing than a bowl of Payasam in front of you with a spoonful of it in your mouth and you wishing there was more!I will say here that the time taken to prepare this is a little more than the normal time but remember here:

1.The slower you cook something the yummier it will be(as regards this Payasam).

2.This Payasam can be made quickly using Condensed Milk but that does not match up to the slow cooked version.

So give yourself time to prepare this and I am also including the Condensed Milk version for your pereusal.

All the best in making this!Slurrp!Yum!


Preparation Time – 2 hours

Makes – 3-4 servings


4 cups full cream milk

2 Bay Leaves

1/3 cup rice (Basmati or even a smaller grained rice will do)

1 cup Sugar(more as per your taste)

1 1/2 tsps Cardamom Powder

2 tbsp Cashewnuts and Raisins

1 tbsp ghee


Soak rice in water for approx 30 minutes.

Heat milk with the Bay Leaves till it comes to a vigorous boil.Add rice and continue to cook on low heat stirring occasionally to prevent scorching.

After a while the Milk will reduce to half its original quantity and rice will be cooked through.Here the milk will take on a rosy hue due to constant heating.

Add sugar here and continue to cook as the milk will become a little “liquefied” once again due to the addition of sugar.

Now add the Cardamom Powder.Fry the nuts in the 1 tbsp ghee and add to the milk.Stir thoroughly.

Cook for 3-5 minutes more and take off heat.

Now cool the Kheer thoroughly as the required thickness will come with the milk cooling off.

Serve at room temperature or cold.Both ways lip-smacking!


The Kheer after cooking – the rice cooked and milk thickened..


A bowl of Kheer…slurrp!

The Condensed Milk Version:

Cook the rice in the milk as mentioned above.Once the rice cooks through,add 1/2 a tin of Condensed Milk stirring thoroughly.The Kheer will immediately take on a creamy consistency and look like thickened milk.Now add the fried dry fruits and cardamom powder and mix well.This method can be followed when you are short of time.

NOTE – Remember for both versions the Kheer should come to room temperature to become a little thick.Hot Kheer is watery and may not suit some peoples’ palettes.Nothing to worry here.Let it cool!

Your expert comments and views about this recipe?

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