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Pina Colada Popsicles

Pina Colada Popsicles

Piña Colada is an absolutely awesome and refreshing Pineapple and Coconut Milk cocktail originating in Pueto Rico in 1978 which has been the national drink since then.Seeing this all the Spanish areas have their own version of Pina Colada.The Puerto Ricans add White Rum while other liquors may be added elsewhere.I went to Cuba in 2011 and was mesmerised by the lovely blue sea,the pristine pure white beaches,the snorkelling and the delicious Pina Colada!They added a splash of Malibu in the resort where I lived whereas in other places sometimes they added Cremé de Menthe!

The beaches of Cuba!The city of Varadero – Taken while boating in the beautiful Atlantic Ocean!

Though I loved the cocktails,I made them once in India but could not give them to children because of the Alcohol content.So this time I made virgin Piña Colada popsicles which were loved by one and all.They came out awesomely delicious.

The inspiration for making this Popsicle came from a blogger Avin S Kohli who blogs at :


We were partnered in Shhhhh Secretly Cooking Challenge where the topic was Summer Coolers.I gave Avin Grapes and Mint while she gave me Pineapple and Mint.So the “mint factor” was common between us..:)

I thought making Piña Colada popsicles was the best idea as they are sure shot refreshers for summer.So out came this idea!Thanks Avin as I really enjoyed making,serving and having these lovely Popsicles.Hoping to share them with you over lunch sometime..:)

The logo for the Challenge…


  • While making popsicles,especially the ones containing fruit,its important to make a slight sugar syrup.This applies if you use fruit slices or fruit purees as the syrup will not crystallise and give a soft taste of the popsicle.
  • Use freshly made Coconut Milk for the best results.
  • If you want to use a splash of any alcohol you can do that.In that case you need not make a syrup as the alcohol does precisely the same thing – stops the ice from crystallising and becoming too hard.However to balance the taste and to ensure you are having a “popsicle” or ice lolly you can use syrup as well as the Alcohol.As mentioned before you can use White Rum,Malibu or Cremé de Menthe.
  • You need Pineapple puree which can be got by pulping either fresh or canned Pineapple pieces.You can refer to making my preserved Pineapple at home recipe here.I used my home preserved Pineapple.
  • I have used yellow colour and Pineapple essence which is optional.
  • Fill the moulds 3/4 with the prepared liquid.Freeze overnight for best results.To get the popsicles out,dip the moulds in hot water for 5 – 6 seconds and unmould.They come out very neatly.For children you can keep the mould popsicle holders or you can insert straight wooden ice cream/ice lolly sticks to make them look more festive!

Preparation Time : 1 hour

Freezing time : 8 – 12 hours

Makes : 6 Popsicles


1 cup Pineapple pulp/pineapple puree

2 cups fresh Coconut Milk

1 tsp yellow colour (optional)

1 tsp Pineapple essence (optional)

1 cup sugar

1/2 cup water

1 tbsp fresh Mint Leaves – finely chopped


Boil the water and sugar till you get a slightly thick syrup.Allow to come to room temperature.

Add the fruit puree,colour and essence and mix well.Keep aside for 30 minutes more till completely mixed and cool.

Put a tea strainer over the prepared pulp and pour the Coconut Milk through it into the puree.Add the chopped Mint leaves and mix well.

Ladle into the waiting popsicle moulds and freeze 8 hours or overnight till firm.

Refer to instructions above to unfold the Popsicles.Serve immediately with fresh Mint leaves if preferred.

Put the Popsicles over Ice.In this way they will not melt fast!

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