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Preserved Mango Puree

Preserved Mango Puree

The Mango season in India is thought to be the best as it is the ideal time to relax and pour the nectar of honey sweet Mangoes down the throat.As the season passes,people start stocking up on Mangoes keeping the refrigerator overflowing.These Mangoes with passage of time lose on on taste and texture leaving people dejected and craving for mangoes after the season.Tinned and packaged fruits are not appreciated as much as the naturally ripened ones.So that means we will not be able to savour the taste of real Mangoes.Right?Wrong we can and we will have the same taste as the fruit.We just need to puree the pulp and preserve it.I will tell you how to go about that systematically.


Alphonso Mangoes used in my preparation

We preserve the Mangoes and thus use substances which will prolong the taste,colour and texture of the pulp.So ideally we require :

  • Good and firm Mangoes without any bruises on it.
  • A preservative
  • Glass containers to refrigerate the puree


All of us are different in terms of our preferences and in the same way each of our bodies responds differently to various substances and chemicals.There are 3 kinds of preservatives which can be used in prolonging the life of this puree.They are :

1.Potassium Metabisulphite

A great ingredient in preserving pickles,jams,preserves and fruit this is what I use.This is a white powder and a pinch of this is mixed with a tsp of water and added to the puree.Most of the products we buy from the stores have this ingredient added.This goes by the name E224.


Preserves for 6 – 7 months.

WARNING – Potassium Metabisulphite causes allergy and asthma in sensitive people.Please avoid this if you feel a perceived threat in using this. 

2.Citric Acid

Available as crystals or a powder this is the safest preservative available.Dissolve the powder/crystals in water and add to the puree.

Preserves for 4 – 5 months.

3.Lemon Juice

This can be added directly but in moderation as more than the required quantity gives a very bitter taste to the puree.It loses its taste and texture in a few days.

Preserves for 15 – 20 days.

So let us make the preserved puree!

Preparation Time : 15 minutes

Makes : 650 gms of puree


500 gms firm and ripe Mangoes – peeled and cubed


Lovely golden cubes of the Mangoes..

1 tsp Citric Acid Crystals/Potassium Metabisulphite(I used Citric Acid Crystals) or 1 tbsp Lemon Juice

1 cup sugar


Dissolve the preservative used in 1/4 cup water.Take the Mangoes in a blender and add the sugar and preserve dissolved water.Blend to make a thick puree.


The puree

Store in clean glass jars and keep refrigerated.


Storing the puree..

This Mango Puree has different uses :

  • Blend with water and make Aamras.
  • Blend with Milk and make Mango Shake.
  • Serve with any pudding,dessert or Ice cream.

SOUTH INDIANS – In order to make Kalan and other recipes requiring ripe Mangoes do not add sugar to the puree.Just add the preserve and refrigerate.



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