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Rava Maida Dosa(Semolina-Flour Crepes)

Rava Maida Dosa(Semolina-Flour Crepes)

The beauty of this Dosa is the ease and absolute “no-time” in which it is made.Its chewy in the middle and crunchy from the sides.People who have sudden guests or do not want to labor much can make this Dosa and feel comforted by the deliciousness,the little labor required and the less time factor.This can be made by anybody and still be a success!


Preparation Time – 6 hours(includes fermentation time)
Makes – 6-7 Dosas


1 cup semolina(rava) roasted
1 cup all purpose flour – maida
Salt to taste
1 cup thick curd
Water as required

For the tempering:

2 tbsp Sesame Oil
2 tsp Sesame seeds
1 dried red chili


In a bowl mix semolina,all purpose flour and salt.Add curd and water as required and mix to a batter of dropping consistency.
Now leave the batter to ferment for 3-4 hours.In this time the semolina and flour will have absorbed the liquids and become soft and lost the granular properties.

NOTE – If you are in a hurry or in emergency you can just leave the batter for an hour,pour the tadka over the batter and make the Dosas.But if you want a little sour taste like authentic Dosas then 3-4 hours fermentation is required.

After 3-4 hours fermentation the batter will look like this…Heat oil in a tadka pan or a small kadai. Add sesame seeds and the dried red chili to the oil and heat it till they pop.Pour the tempering over the batter.


Pouring the tempering over…

Mix well and check the thickness.If batter is too thick then add a little more water.It should be of a dropping Dosa consistency – neither too thick,nor too thin.Heat a tava and spread some oil on it.Drop a ladleful of batter on the tava and spread it around like a Dosa. After it gets cooked on one side flip it and cook the other side.Till it is a lovely golden brown.


Making the Dosa..

Make all Dosas the same way.Serve hot with Molagapodi,coconut or any other chutney,and as we love with a little jaggery. Its too yummy to resist!

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