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Rose Lime Soda – A refresher for summers!

Rose Lime Soda – A refresher for summers!

Soda or aerated water was the first great invention in the West to beat the heat.It was also used as a side kick for alcohol and cocktails and everyone loved the fizz and sweet taste (to say nothing of the mandatory burps) in their mouths!In the last century soda was widely popular and a whole lot of inventions regarding Cocktails,Mocktails and soft drinks came up.Companies started concocting Orange,Apple,Root Beer and Lime into soda making it taste better.The Colas were are are a rage.

Here I have devised a “desi” or Indianised soda which is perfect for hot and sunny afternoons when we stay at home,wear light dresses,switch on fans,coolers and air conditioners at the highest speeds and lowest temperatures and eat light.The rose syrup with the lemon juice will invigorate your senses and cool you off like never before!Have a few cubes of ice ready and we are good to go!

Lemon and Mint – Summer’s best coolers!

You can use beverages like Sprite,7 Up or Mountain Dew in place of plain Soda.However you can use flavoured beverages like Appy but they will not hive as “clean” a taste!For the syrup I recommend Roohafza.However there are other brands available in the market as well.


Preparation Time : 15 minutes

Makes : 2 servings


5 tbsp Rose Syrup

1 medium Lemon – halved

4 tbsp Mint leaves

Soda/aerated beverages as required

Ice cubes as required


.Pour 2 1/2 tbsp syrup into each glass followed by juice of half a Lemon.Mix well.

Add the Soda/beverages to fill the glass and top with Mint Leaves.

Add ice cubes.Serve immediately.

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