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Sabudana Namkeen/Farali/Vrat Namkeen

Sabudana Namkeen/Farali/Vrat Namkeen

Greetings for the New Year and glad to publish my first post in 2016.This recipe is easy and indicative of the Indian system of fasting which means:

  • Not consuming anything at all which includes drinking water.
  • Eating select food with no salt or using Rock Salt(sendha namak)
  • Eating foods of a particular colour – e.g. yellow lentils(dal),yellow rice etc.
  • Having only natural foods like fruits and milk.

This recipe also comprises mainly of ingredients which are naturally derived apart from the spices which are also plant derivatives.They are

  1. Sago/sabudana – Processed as a starch from select spongy plant stems.
  2. Peanuts
  3. Almonds
  4. Curry Leaves
  5. Coconut
  6. Lotus seeds(makhana)


Ingredients for the Namkeen..


I used the large variety of sago.The smaller varieties do not give results as good!


The large variety of Sago..

When frying the sago,the Oil splutters about and some drops might fall on your skin.Use a wire screen or a round and flat sieve to avoid this.  

The Sago has to be cooled to room temperature for a crispy texture.The pearls stick to the teeth if consumed hot.

I did not have Coconut and Lotus seeds so proceeded to make this without them and still the mix tasted wonderfully delicious!

Lets make the recipe now!

Preparation Time – 30 minutes

Makes – 300 gms of Namkeen


1 cup/100 gms large Sago pearls

2 tbsp water

1 cup raw Peanuts

1/4 cup Almonds(with skin)

20 fresh curry leaves

1/4 Coconut – cut into thin semi circles

1/4 cup Lotus seeds(Makhana)

2 tsp Rock Salt/sendha namak(normal Iodised salt can also be used)

2 tsp powdered sugar

1 1/2 tsp Black pepper powder

Oil for deep frying


Take the Sago pearls in a container and sprinkle the 2 tbsp water on them.Mix well and leave the pearls to soften a little for 5-7 minutes.


5 Minutes after sprinkling the Sago pearls in water

Heat Oil in a pan till fairly hot and test by frying one pearl.If it pops up and crisply disintegrates after cooling ten the Oil is ready.Fry the Sago pearls in batches of handfuls till popped up and crispy.Keep them in a large bowl.


Frying the Sago Pearls


The pearls after frying and in the cooling stage

Fry the Peanuts and Almonds in individual batches till dark brown.Keep draining and putting them over the Sago pearls.You can even keep them separately and mix them later.


Frying the Peanuts

Fry the Curry Leaves for 20 seconds till crisp.

In a bowl mix the deep fried Sago pearls,Peanuts and Almonds.Add the salt,sugar and pepper and mix well,crumble the crisp Curry Leaves on top and mix well.


The fried Sago Pearls


Mixing the nuts 


Adding the spices and curry Leaves and mixing everything!


The prepared Sabudana Namkeen


Ready to dive in…

Serve small portions in serving bowls with cups of hot tea!

Your expert comments and views about this recipe?

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