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This website is about me – what I am – a passionate foodie who loves to cook and serve and love to see people relishing my creations.Since the time I was small I used to wonder about the “how” of things in the kitchen…”how” does bread increase to 4 times the volume…”how” does water evaporate while making tea leaving a delicious and much thicker liquid behind..etc..etc…Then when I finally ventured as an unprofessional kitchen “helper” for my late grand-mother(a par excellent cook in her own generation)I was fascinated by the amount of stuff you could do to a simple milk and rice to form a most yummy pudding or even to a loaf of stale bread which could be used or “recycled” into mouthwatering dishes in minutes.It was a long time since I planned to start a website.I did not know anything about it and I will give all the credit to Dassana Amit – an expert food blogger who is the founder of the site Veg Recipes of India (http://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/)who guided me efficiently in setting this website up.

Now before I begin with introducing recipes I want to introduce the people behind my ambition to start this website.Mine is a family of good cooks in each generation.Maybe this is a heredity which I have acquired and I thank the Almighty God for this.There were 4 wonderful cooks in my family(all having earned the title “Late” unfortunately).Here is showing them with pics.

Tata pati

These are my Grandfather and Grandmother.My Grandmother is the person from whom I learnt what cooking was all about.My Grandfather used to cut vegetables so neatly that I find that it would be a shame to go without mentioning him.He used to select vegetables himself,wash and cut them for my Grandmother.

Tirupur Pati 2

This is my Grandfather’s Aunt.Widowed at an early age she took to the kitchen retiring only to chant the name of God outside the kitchen premises.Her delicacies were so famous that people used to literally hog them(excuse the slang please).It was said that even if she prepared a simple Rasam and Rice,people did not want anything for accompaniment!

Bombay pati

This is my Grandfather’s mother – my Great Grandmother.She was also a cook par excellent.She was famous for her out of this world Lemon Pickle and amazing snacks.

Kollu Pati alone

This is my Grandmother’s mother – My Great Grandmother from her side.She was adept at cooking the best South Indian food.I still remember the days I used to go to Palakkad. When she cooked,the aroma of the food used to fill the entire house and keep all of us salivating!

This website is dedicated to these “gems” of the family who were praised “silently” for their wonderful cooking but were not recognized outside the family.I took up the responsibility of giving these ladies their due respect and because they reached the Heavenly Abode before people knew their versatility- a posthumous recognition which will bring them eternal glory!

May your souls Rest in Peace With your names and your invisible blessings I start this website!

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