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Simple Walnut Fudge

Simple Walnut Fudge

For those people who feel that a chocolate fudge is required to pep up their day and bring back their vigour and spirit wen they feel blue!And yes this is THE Fudge recipe for Christmas and New Year!So bookmark it now itself!

Preparation Time : 30 minutes

Setting Time : 4 – 12 hours

Makes : Approximately 20 pieces or 600 gms fudge



250 gms powdered/castor sugar

1 tin/400 gms condensed milk

25 gms butter

1 tsp vanilla/almond extract

250 gms plain/cooking chocolate (Morde or Dairy Milk Silk)

1/2 cup finely chopped Walnuts


Grease a 7 inch square cake pan.Chop up chocolate into small chunks.

In a saucepan mix sugar,condensed milk,butter and extract.Mix well and heat over low till it comes to a boil.Cook to soft ball stage.Keep a cup of chilled water ready.When a spoon of the fudge mix is dropped into it,it forms a soft ball.

Take off heat and immediately whisk in the chopped chocolate chunks.They will melt in the hot caramel and immediately turn the mixture into a lovely chocolate liquid fudge.Mix in the chopped Walnuts.

Pour into the prepared pan and leave to set.Depending on the climate it will take 4 hours in very cold climates to 12 hours in tropical climate countries.You can refrigerate it if you fear it will spoil.

After setting cut it into small squares and wrap them in foil or candy paper.Keeps fresh for a week outside and infinite time if refrigerated!




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