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Tastiest and easiest Black Pepper Strawberry Jam

Tastiest and easiest Black Pepper Strawberry Jam

This recipe is versatile and fast as it gets ready in 30 minutes flat and is easy but uber delicious to make and can be tried with other berries as well.The fact here is that I did not use Pectin – a fruit product used in jams but allowed the pectin to be extracted from the fruit naturally.Try it on breads or toast or even sandwich a cake.Its yum!



Preparation Time – 35-40 minutes

Makes – Approx 250 gms


3 cups Strawberries – Hulled

2 cups Sugar

1 tsp Pepper

1 tbsp fresh lime juice

3 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar

2 Star Anise(optional)



Put the hulled Strawberries,sugar,pepper,lime juce,vinegar and Star Anise in a heavy bottomed pan and place on the lowest heat possible.


In 15-20 minutes time the sugar would have melted into a lovely liquid and the fruit become very soft.Mash the fruit roughly.


After mashing the strawberries..

Check every now and then by putting some of the jam liquid on a plate.If it does not run after cooling then the jam is ready.

Cover the pan with a clean cloth till it comes to room temperature.

Ladle into clean glass jars.Use as required.


Served with fresh bread for breakfast!

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