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Yogurt Fruit Bark

Yogurt Fruit Bark

There is a new dessert which has been invented recently called the “Bark”!

Bark literally means the dried up covering of a tree trunk broken into random pieces!This recipe has maybe followed that criteria only to have become famous and garnering more followers by the day.It consists of a paste of chocolate,ganache or cream studded with anything from cookie crumbs,Graham Cracker crumbs and candies to fresh fruits,nuts and dried berries.The majority of recipes use chocolate in various ways – melted milk/dark or white chocolate either one layer or multiple thin layers.I have used thick Yogurt as the base with healthy dried fruits on top!This is a lovely and healthy 3 ingredient recipe where there is fat free yogurt,natural honey and a lot of healthy dried fruit!

These barks can be had by people who are diabetic,wish to lose weight or for maintaining themselves.They can be made and stored in the freezer in the summers and will go down very well with kids.This ensures they do not eat too much of refined sugar and eat only healthy ingredients as desserts!

You can use dried fruits,fresh fruits or any other tidbits you like.

NOTE : Keep the Bark pieces in the freezer as the yogurt tends to melt fast.

This recipe was posted for the 128th FoodieMondayBloghop where the theme was 3 ingredient recipes!

Preparation Time : 5 minutes

Yogurt draining time : 15 minutes

Makes : 12 – 14 pieces


2 cups fat free yogurt

2 tbsp honey

1 cup dried fruits


Tie up the yogurt in a cheesecloth and drain for 15 minutes till almost all the whey drains out.Take out in a bowl.

Add the honey and mix well with a spatula till well blended!

Spread the yogurt paste on a cake sheet pan or a cookie sheet and spread out in a thin layer.Sprinkle over with the dried fruits till completely covered.

Put into the freezer and chill overnight till set.

Next day take out and keep outside for 2 – 3 minutes.Take a knife and loosen the edges.Tap the sheet pan on the countertop and the bark will come out completely out of the pan.Break into uneven pieces and serve.

After breaking the Bark into pieces…

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