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Batata Chiwda/Aloo Lachha Chiwda

Batata Chiwda/Aloo Lachha Chiwda

Looking at the snacks which Indians have for tea times I feel that every country has its share of high calorie snacks.The doctors positively scream “low calorie,healthy,nutritious,weight loss”…all these terms are synonymous…but lets look at the reasons – some of us lead sedentary lives and this shows on our bodies,our BMI and lastly our health.But I also say that sometimes having your favourite snacks for a change is also absolutely necessary as sometimes the body feels”starved” of good food and it reflects in our mental health.We become touchy,depressed and sometimes aggressive as well.Its ok to “pig out” sometimes – yes I am being maybe “cheap” in language if you might say so but I am very much right.

I am on a diet to lose weight myself and occasionally feel the need to make mouthwatering recipes at home.As I teach in a cooking class I am very much tempted to eat what I make but that would not help me stay healthy.Instead I opt for times when its absolutely necessary to make such recipes like when guests arrive(the appointment fixing and coming ones..;))..,when I have friends or neighbours for tea or when the family persuades me that they had “enough of healthy food and if I am on a diet they should not be penalised(oops) …”.

This snack is a favourite of my neighbor and she demands it once a month.It is also a favourite with my family and on weekends when we get together for gossips and discussions,I bring this out and it disappears almost at once!So here is introducing you all to this delicious and lip smacking snack which is a little tedious to make but will sure win you complements.

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Preparation Time – 1 hour

Makes – Approximately 500 gms


6-7 medium sized Potatoes

1/2 cup raw Peanuts

1/3 cup Cashewnuts (broken)

2 tbsp Raisins

2-3 whole dried red chilies

2 tsp Powdered sugar

2 tsp Cumin Powder(Jeera)

2 tsp Salt(or to taste)

1 tbsp Oil plus for deep frying


Peel and wash the Potatoes thoroughly.Grate them on the section of the grater with the bigger holes.Immerse them immediately in 4-5 cups of water for 30 minutes.

Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a pan and fry the broken Cashewnuts on low heat till they turn golden brown.Drain them on absorbent paper.Then fry the raisins till they puff up like small balloons.Remove immediately as frying them longer would render them bitter.Then fry the Peanuts till dark brown,drain and then fry the dried red chilies and curry leaves till crisp.Drain and keep aside to cool.

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The “extras” fried and cooled!

Drain the grated Potato in a strainer and leave to drip for 10-15 minutes.Take 2 clean kitchen towels and keep a handful of the grated Potato between the two.Press to let the cloth absorb the moisture.

Heat sufficient oil for frying in a pan.Reduce heat to medium and drop in fistfuls of the grated Potato.Deep fry till the Potato turns crisp and golden brown.Keep removing on absorbent paper.Fry all the grated Potato this way.

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The grated and fried Potato…

In a large mixing bowl combine the fried and grated Potato,all the other fried ingredients,salt,Cumin Powder and sugar.

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Mixing everything…

Toss gently and allow to cool completely before storing in airtight containers.


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The mixed Chiwda ready to be devoured!

Serve with hot tea or Coffee.

NOTE – For people who want to cut calories in the recipe,they can dry roast the Peanuts,Cashewnuts,red chilies and curry leaves in a non stick pan.However you cannot roast the Raisins and so either you can opt out of mixing them in the chiwda or put them raw as per your taste.

For people wanting a richer version for festive purposes,make the recipe with pure Ghee.

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