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Quick Vegetable Sandwiches

Quick Vegetable Sandwiches

A must try these Sandwiches are very nutritious,very filling and very tasty.They are also so very simple to make that they are favorites of bachelors and also for people wanting a quick fix meal.


Preparation Time – 15 minutes

Makes – 12 big or 24 small Sandwiches


6 big slices Sandwich Bread

1/2 cup butter – melted

1 cup Mayonnaise – Classic(with egg) or eggless

Pepper powder to sprinkle

4 boiled Potatoes – cubed or diced

1 big or 2 small Tomatoes cut into rounds

1 big or 2 small Onions – chopped fine

3 big Iceberg Lettuce Leaves – washed and drained.


To prepare the filling mix the chopped Potatoes and Onions with the Mayonnaise.Mix well.

Take the bread slices and spread all of them with butter.On 3 slices arrange the Lettuce leaves.Spoon 1 big tbsp of the Mayonnaise filling on to the leaves.Sprinkle pepper powder on top.(Some salt can also be sprinkled here for those who want it.)

Arrange 2-3 Tomato slices on the filling and cover with a plain slice of the buttered bread.Press lightly with your fingers to make the slices stick to one another.

Cut diagonally to make a triangular Sandwich.(2 Sandwiches with one pair).If you want smaller ones then cut across diagonally again to make 4 small Sandwiches.

Arrange on a plate and serve with Tomato Ketchup or a Cheese Dip.


1.I have used Sandwich Bread available in the market.They are big and slightly strong to endure the fillings and do not become soggy.

2.I have used Classic Mayonnaise which contains egg.However those who do not want to use egg can buy the eggless versions readily available or make it at home.There are many recipes available on the internet.I will be posting my recipe soon!

3.I have not added salt here as Mayonnaise contains salt and butter is also salted.However if you feel you need more salt then you can sprinkle along with the pepper.


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