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Ribbon Pakoda/Pakodam(South Indian Ribbon shaped Crisps)

Ribbon Pakoda/Pakodam(South Indian Ribbon shaped Crisps)

This is a salty snack from South India.The dough is put into a snack press and ribbon shapes are pressed into hot oil and deep fried till crispy and golden brown.

This recipe is adapted from Ammini Ramachandran’s book “Grains,Greens and Grated Coconuts” with the exception that I did not add Cumin Seeds as people in my family do not like them in Pakodam,but they like them in Murukku(a Spiral crisp which is also uber delicious).Thanks Ammini Aunty for this treasure trove!

NOTE – Apologies for not taking pics while binding the dough as the hands become too sticky while handling Gram Flour(Besan).


Preparation Time – 30-45 Minutes

Makes – Approx 300 gms of Pakodam


3 cups Gram Flour(besan)

1 cup Rice flour

1 1/4 tsp Salt

3/4 tsp Chili Powder

1 1/2 tsp Asafoetida

3 tbsp Butter(plain/salted)

Water as required

Oil for frying


Mix all the dry ingredients in a big mixing bowl.Blend in butter with fingertips.Add the water 2 tbsp at a time and bind the mixture into a dough.

It will stick to your hands but once a while wetting your palms will do the trick.

Take a snack press(called Sev Press in India) and insert the Pakodam plate into it.Its the one with slits.

With wet palms put some of the dough into the press.Close with the press top.

Heat oil in a pan till a small ball of the dough does not stick to the bottom but floats up when dropped into the oil.Adjust the stove to medium heat.

With the press pipe ribbons into the hot oil.Do not pipe too much as they would be difficult to fry later.


With a slotted spoon,reverse the ribbons to cook the other side.When cooked,golden brown and crisp remove onto a plate.

Prepare the remaining Pakodams the same way.

Serve with fresh tea,coffee or beer.

Store in clean,airtight containers to prolong shelf life!


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  • Hi ,
    Finally a recipe which turned out gud , infact awesome, Nd d end product got finished d same day😁 try to show d comments given by other ppl also , as it gives others d confidence to try frm Ur website.

    • Thanks so much Jaya Balachander!I posted this recipe back in 2013 when this blog was just a month old!I was so surprised and pleased to find a comment on a post I had long since forgotten..:)!Thanks a ton for the comment and I am in the process of updating the pics on the other old recipes!This will be next!You made my day today!

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