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Fruit Cream

Fruit Cream

A friend of mine in school had her dad working in Saudi Arabia and used to go every year in the summer vacation.After the vacations she used to describe her trip in detail and say that on the flight they served her favorite “Fruit Cream”.I was very young and did not know what fruit cream was and thought maybe they incorporated fruit face creams as desserts and served them!

Then one day in a Hindi newspaper I found the recipe for this mystifying Fruit Cream which my friend used to describe about!In the daily,there was a small column for children called “Mummy ki rasoi me” or “In Mother’s kitchen”.This column was intended for those children who were fond of cooking(like me).Recipes which mostly did not use the gas stove were featured for easy cooking by small hands.This recipe is one of them – does not use the stove,can be made with ingredients easily available and is too delicious for words!Its also one of the easiest recipes to make.

And yes it can very easily be made by youngsters who are not permitted to use the gas stove.But be careful while opening the tins and do not cut yourself on their razor sharp edges.Lets proceed with the recipe:


Preparation Time – 15 minutes

Makes – 6-7 servings


1 Can of Condensed milk

1/2 Can of mixed canned fruits – drained from the syrup

1/2 cup of thick cream(you can use the store bought tetrapacks as well)

1/2 cup assorted fresh fruits – peeled and sliced Apples,Bananas and Grapes.

Sugar as required – though the Condensed milk and the canned fruits will have all the sugar you need


In a bowl mix the Condensed milk and cream together.


Beat well with a whisk till very smooth and creamy.



Now add the drained canned fruit and mix well.


Add the fresh fruit – the Apples,Bananas and Grapes and mix well.



Chill this in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours or better still for a day as all the flavors of the fruits will be absorbed.


Spoon into shot glasses or small bowls and serve preferably chilled with a cherry on top.

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