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Kesari Indrayani

Kesari Indrayani

How many of you have wanted a sure shot fast dessert recipe when you have guests coming over?Or you crave badly for something sweet?Or your kid makes a demand which you know you have to fulfill in minutes?Or you just want to experiment with ingredients and don’t know how to start?Well this is a cheat’s recipe in the sense its made with ingredients commonly found in the market and at home and makes in minutes.For this you need to buy the tinned Rasgullas from the market which are easily available under different brands.I do not prefer store bought and make my own at home but for some emergency situations it works.We need to compromise under some inevitable situations like last time some friends called up at 11.00 pm and said they would coming for lunch next day.I was in a dilemma until I saw this recipe by Sanjeev Kapoor and thought of giving it a try.Believe me this is too delicious for words.

As I did not have time at hand I substituted reduced milk with Condensed Milk with a super result.The best part of this recipe – with ready made ingredients you can convert the humble Rasgulla into something more delicious and a dessert to remember!

Preparation Time – 20 minutes

Makes – 1 standard tin (approx 16-18 Indrayani)



1 tin store bought Rasgullas – approx 16-18(make your own if you have time)

For Rasgulla Recipe follow this link:


3/4  liter full cream milk(2 liters if not using Condensed Milk)

Sugar to taste

1 tin Condensed Milk

A few strands Saffron

Chopped Pistachios and Almonds to garnish(Optional)


If using Condensed Milk:

Heat the 3/4 liter milk till it reduces slightly to approx 1/2 liter.Add the Saffron strands and cool slightly.Add the entire tin of Condensed milk and mix well till blended.Cool till lukewarm.

If NOT using Condensed Milk:

Heat the 2 liters milk till it reduces to approx 1 liter.Add the Saffron and sugar as required and take off heat.Allow it to cool till lukewarm.

Next step:

Squeeze the syrup from the Rasgullas and immerse in the sweetened milk.Keep drizzling the milk on the Rasgullas with a ladle for them to completely absorb the milk.Refrigerate after coming to room temperature.

To serve:

Ladle each Rasgulla with some milk in attractive bowls or shot glasses.Sprinkle some chopped Almonds and Pistachios on top(optional).Serve immediately chilled.

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