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Rasgulla/Roshogulla(Spongy Cheese Balls)

Rasgulla/Roshogulla(Spongy Cheese Balls)

Milk is such an ingredient which is used in varied dishes – sweet or savory and it gives a unique flavor to the dish its added to!Now when we use the central ingredient as milk and transform it into a delicious dessert its all the worth!
Rasgulla is a very very popular dessert of India originating in the Western state of Odisha.Its believed to be from Bengal but it was Odisha which first bought out this wonder dessert!!Its also known as Khira Mohan in Odisha.It has been prepared for centuries and now enjoyed worldwide!In Odisha,the Kar Brothers,the descendants of Bikalananda Kar in Salepur,Cuttack are said to be the best.This is also called Bikali Kar Rasgulla and is in huge demand.

In West Bengal the famous Rasgullas come from K.C Das who has also started distributing it in packed cans internationally. Haldirams a known Gujarati snack company has also started marketing packed Rasgullas!
The Rasgullas I make are based on the Bengal concept of White Rasgullas. They are made from fresh Chenna or Paneer which can be made at home or got from the market.
Preparation Time – 1 hour plus cooling time
Makes – 8-10(big ones) or 12-14(small ones)


300 gms of freshly made Paneer(can be store bought as well but remember it should not be dry.In case it is dry then cut it into small cubes and immerse it in vigorously boiling water to soften it for 15 minutes.**
2 cups sugar
2 tsp Arrowroot Powder
4 Cardamom pods powdered/4 tsp readymade Cardamom Powder


Keep the Paneer in a bowl.If you are boiling dry Paneer then boil till soft,Drain completely and put in a bowl.It should be a little MOIST but should not have water in it.Now we need to mash the cheese with our hands to a level that it should be soft enough to be made into a smooth ball.Use your knuckles as well as the heels of your hands to soften the Paneer. Here all you need is patience with a little bit of exercise..;).Remember the softer and smoother the ball the better the Rasgullas. It will take approximately 30 minutes(do not be alarmed please) to make the Paneer desirably soft.Add the Arrowroot Powder and knead again.Make the dough into smooth, round balls and keep aside on a plate.
Boil water in a heavy bottomed pan with a tight fitting lid and add sugar.Make a light syrup,add cardamom and bring to a boil.Add the balls and keep the lid on.Boil vigorously for 10 minutes till the balls inflate and become spongy.Open lid and lightly agitate the balls.Drizzle a cup of cold water 1 Tbsp at a time over the balls to “feed” them with liquid.DO NOT stir as this will cause the balls to break.Now take off heat and keep to cool for approx 30 minutes.Ladle onto a bowl and refrigerate.
When hot the balls are rubbery but will become wonderfully soft and spongy once refrigerated.
Serve as it is or a topping of Pistachio nuts.I love plain!Makes look so realistic!

3 thoughts on “Rasgulla/Roshogulla(Spongy Cheese Balls)”

  • Hi, had one query here? Why and when to sprinkle cold water? also you had suggested to feed water, which water? Syrup or cold water?

    I shall try this and let you know if i was successful in making it 🙂



  • Hi Kavita,
    You need to sprinkle or “feed” cold water on the Rasgullas when they are boiling.This is because they are already in boiling syrup..so the cold water gives them space to expand and become swollen.They swell beautifully when “fed” like this.
    Please make this and tell me how was it..:)

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