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Flaky and Crispy Ajwaini Mathri(Carom Seed Crackers)

Flaky and Crispy Ajwaini Mathri(Carom Seed Crackers)

Mathri as stated before is an Indian cracker which is very delicious with tea..especially Masala Chai.Here I am adding Carom Seeds(Ajwain) to the Crackers which is easily got in Indian stores worldwide.Also these crackers can be stored for days and under proper storage conditions they never spoil or become soft.


Preparation Time – 20-25 minutes

Makes – 12-15 Mathri


1 cup plain flour/all purpose flour(maida)

3 tbsp Oil

1 1/2 tsp salt

1 tbsp Ajwain/Carom Seeds

Water as required

Oil for frying


Sift flour into a mixing bowl and add Carom Seeds and Salt.Mix well.Now add the 3 tbsp Oil and mix so that the flour resembles breadcrumbs and is not free flowing as it was.Now add water very carefully as we do not want a soft dough.We want a little hard and crumbly dough which binds but at the same time is a little loose.Sprinkle approx 1/3 cup water and bind to a dough as mentioned above.

Now break off a portion of the dough and keep the rest under a cloth so that it does not dry out.Make small balls and roll into circles with a rolling pin.With a fork prick both sides of the rolled dough so that it does not bloat on frying.Prepare all the Mathris in this way.

Heat oil and drop 2-3 Mathris.Fry on medium heat till crispy and golden brown.They will also be flaky and delicious.Serve with tea or coffee.

Note – Store the Mathris in an airtight container.In case of humid weather then secure a piece of foil on the rim of the container.This way the crackers never spoil.


The Flaky,crispy Mathris.


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