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Vermicelli Coconut-Saffron Kheer with Almond Balls

Vermicelli Coconut-Saffron Kheer with Almond Balls

This is a recipe which was featured in a local magazine but I have added my twist to it to make it even more scrumptious.Today being Valentine’s Day this recipe is made with all the love and care for all the loved ones in my life!



For the Kheer:

1 fresh Coconut Рgrated(or use 1 1/2  small tetra packs of first pressed creamy Coconut Milk)

A few strands saffron

100 gms Vermicelli – roasted(use the ready roasted pack for best results)

1/2 tin condensed milk

1/2 cup full cream milk

Sugar to taste(approx 2 tbsp)

For the Almond Balls:

75 gms almonds – soaked in water overnight and skins removed

100 gms Khoya/Mawa

1 tbsp Powdered sugar


For the Almond Balls:

Grind the Almonds to a fine paste in the mixer.Now combine it with the Mawa and powdered sugar into a fine dough.Make marble sized balls of this dough and refrigerate till serving time.


The Almond Balls

For the Kheer:

If using Coconut:

Grind the Coconut with a glass of water to extract the first coconut milk.It will be creamy and smooth.Strain it through a net sieve into a bowl.Put the coconut back in the grinder and add one more glass of water.Grind well and strain the liquid into another bowl.This is the second coconut milk and will be not so creamy but a little watery.Take 2 tbsp of the second milk and soak the saffron in it.

If using Tetrapack Coconut milk:

Use 1 1/2 small Tetrapacks.Empty one into a bowl and keep aside.To the other half fill a tetrapack half with water and add it to the coconut milk.With a spoon mix evenly to resemble the second coconut milk.To 2 tbsp of this milk add saffron and keep aside.

Make the Kheer:

Take the second coconut milk in a pan and place on medium heat.When it starts to boil,add the roasted Vermicelli and cook till the Vermicelli is soft.Add the 1/2 cup milk here and cook for 2-3 minutes more.


Now add the condensed milk in a thin stream stirring continuously.Add the thick coconut milk and saffron milk.Now take off heat and mix well.


After adding Condensed Milk


After adding the first coconut milk and saffron milk

NOTE: Do not subject the thick coconut milk to very high temperature as this might curdle it and spoil the Kheer altogether.


Once it comes to room temperature keep it refrigerated.

While serving Ladle some Kheer in a bowl.Top with 2-3 Almond Balls.Serve cold.


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