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Puri/Poori/Fried Indian Bread

Puri/Poori/Fried Indian Bread

Puri (pronounced poori) is a very popular Indian Bread which is fried and had with both Dry and gravy vegetables.It can also be had with non vegetarian dishes as well but goes best with potatoes or gravy chickpeas.Its made with Whole Wheat Flour which is kneaded to make fluffy Bread while frying.

Remember not to use a deep fryer for this recipe as the Puri has to have space to fluff up and swell.Heat oil in a pan or Indian “kadai” which is best for frying soft and fluffy Puris.Here is the recipe:


Preparation Time – 20 minutes

Makes – 10-12 Puris


1 1/2 cups Whole Wheat Flour

1/4 cup Semolina

4 tsp Oil

A pinch of Salt

Water as required


Take the flour,semolina and salt in a basin and add 3 tsp oil.Mix with fingertips till the flour resembles breadcrumbs.Add water as required and bind to a soft dough.

Coat the dough with the remaining 1 tsp Oil and knead again till the dough no longer sticks to your hands.

Leave the dough to rest for 5-10 minutes.

Heat sufficient Oil in a pan or Kadai and shape the dough into rounds.Roll out the dough into medium sized flat rounds.


Test the oil by putting a small round of dough into the oil.If it comes up without sticking to the bottom the Oil is ready.

Lower the Puris into the Oil.It will come up and then flip it.Now it will swell up due to the air generated by the hot Oil.Take a slotted spoon and take out the Puri from the Oil.


Drain on an absorbent paper.Serve hot with dry vegetables or gravies or with a simple bowl of sweetened yogurt and Pickle.

TIP – You can also add Ajwain(Indian Oregano) to the Puris for additional taste in case you add salt.


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